About us

The Union of Photo Artists of the Republic of Moldova (SFHM) was founded in 1995 and currently unites more than 50 photographers.

The main goals and objectives of the Union are to promote the development of Moldovan photography art, its promotion in the country and abroad, the preservation and creative use of photographic heritage. The Union sets itself the task of protecting the copyright and interests of photographers in state and public organizations, private enterprises both in Moldova and abroad.

The Union of Photo Artists of the Republic of Moldova actively cooperates with the International Association of Photo Artists (FIAP). In the ranks of the Union 1 member has the title of Excellence FIAP (EFIAP) and 3 who have the title of Artist FIAP (AFIAP). International photo salons are regularly organized under the auspices of FIAP.

In order to promote and develop photo art, the Union organizes exhibitions, contests, creative seminars and conferences, provides all-round assistance to the photo amateur movement in Moldova, including the youth.

The Union participates in the international photographic movement, cooperates with international organizations and creative photo unions from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus.