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Rules and Conditions of Entry


  1. Entry is open to all photographers worldwide, amateur and professional.
    A - Colour - PID. 
    B - Monochrome - PID. 
    C - People - PID.
    D - Transport - PID.
  2. All acceptances count towards FIAP, PSA and UPI awards. The FIAP country is Wales.
  3. Entries to be submitted via the internet only.
  4. The digital image must be a maximum of 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high (including any borders) and saved as a  large JPEG. 
  5. Each entrant is limited to 4 images per section. THE SAME IMAGE MUST NOT BE SUBMITTED IN MORE THAN ONE SECTION. Images will be judged using a large plasma display screen. No information about the entrant or country will be given to the selectors.
  6. Titles of images will be used in the catalogue and must have NO MORE THAN 30 CHARACTERS. All other information will be collected from the online entry system.
  7. Images  accepted in a previous Swansea Salon, or which, in the opinion of the organisers, are too similar to those accepted in a previous Swansea Salons are not eligible. 
  8. Permission is assumed to reproduce any image (at low resolution) in an internet exhibition and in the salon catalogue. 
  9. The organisers may refuse to accept an entry, image or title at their discretion.
  10. The exhibition accepts no liability for any misuse of copyright. Copyright of all images will be retained by the author. 
  11. PayPal is the preferred payment method. As an alternative, cash (£, €, $)or cheque made payable to Swansea International Salon. PLEASE NOTE, ONLY STERLING CHEQUES DRAWN ON UK BANKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Entries without fees will be rejected.
  12. This competition is run under FIAP, PSA and UPI rules. 
  13. All entrants will be sent a printed catalogue. 2013 catalogue received a 4 star rating from FIAP.
  14. By submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work is original and their own, and permits the Salon organisers to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website. The exhibition assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. For digital imaging section(s) images may be acquired digitally, or scanned from traditional film to create a digital file.
  15. SUBMISSION of an entry signifies acceptance of all our conditions. 
  16. PSA - PID- DEFINITION. An exhibition may elect to exclude images that meet the PID Monochrome definition from being entered in a Color Class section. Any such exclusion must be clearly stated in the Conditions of Entry (Entry Form). The Conditions of Entry (Entry Form) for all PID recognized sections must state one or both of the following depending of the classes sponsored: Acceptances in PID recognized Color sections shall be credited towards PID Color Star Ratings and Who’s Who Color listings. Monochrome images accepted in PID recognized Color sections shall only be credited towards PID Color Star Ratings. Acceptances in PID recognized Monochrome sections shall be credited towards PID Monochrome Star Ratings and Who’s Who Monochrome listings. All acceptance eligibility shall be in accordance with the PID Star Ratings or the Galaxy/Diamond Ratings requirements as appropriate. In addition to paragraph i. of Section 5 above, if the exhibition sponsored CPID and/or EID recognized sections in prior years, the Conditions of Entry (Entry Form) must state:
    An image that was accepted in a prior CPID or EID recognized section of this exhibition may not be entered in a PID recognized Color section of this exhibition.
  17. An entrant’s four images will be distributed throughout four rounds of judging for that section.
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United Kingdom
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