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The 2nd Chang Fine art photo contest

The 2nd Chang Fine art photo contest

The 2nd ‘Chang Fine Art Photo Contest 2013’ initiated by Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, invites photographers who are interested in fine art photography to let their imaginations run wild. Create your photographic works under the theme of “ Time.”

This contest is under the supervision of The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and has become a yearly event.


Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand

Theme of the contest: 'TIME'


Open to all international and local photographers, professionals and amateurs. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his/ her own and permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and /or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on website. The organizers assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. An entry may be rejected when the sponsoring organization or its agent in its reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to exhibition rules and conditions.


1st prize : 300,000 baht (approximately $US 10,000)

2nd prize : 100,000 baht

3rd prize. : 50,000 baht

10 honorable mention: 10,000 baht each

Entry fee : Free

Closing date for submission : 15th June 2013

Condition of entry:

The competition calls for participants to submit their work in a set. A set must have at least 3 images and no more than 5, ( single images will not be considered ).The images in the set should be of the same related concept. You can submit up to 3 sets.

We except only digital files. Photos must have a minimum 1600 pixels with 220dpi in .psd,. jpg or .tiff format save onto a flash drive only (CDs and DVDs will not be excepted). Flash drive will not be returned.

1. To submit your work, you must fill out the application form in English, it will include your name, address, phone number, your email address and the number of your passport or ID number. Along with the application form, please state the concept of your work ( not more than two lines) and write a caption for each image. The images in the set should be labeled in the right sequence. If sending more than 1 set please put each set in separate folders and label them clearly.

2. All entries maybe taken in both film and digital format, entries taken in digital film, must Be transferred onto digital file with the resolution stated above.

3. You can submit your work by two ways.

    • By postal mail (see address below). Download application form here

    • By sending via our website

      4. Committee members of The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and judges can not participate in this competition.

      5. There will be an exhibition of selected works which the organizers will print. All exhibition prints and flash drive will not be returned, and will become the property of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited.

      6. Entries submitted must not have been entered or have won any other photo competitions held by public activities, associations clubs, and companies before, and must not have been exhibited anywhere before, otherwise you could be disqualified even at a later date.

      7. The photographers whose submission are accepted for the exhibition grants the Thai Beverage Public Company Limited the right to use their images for the purpose of marketing the exhibition, and subsequent display on Thai Beverage’s web site. Thai Beverage Public Company Limited will have the right to use all photographs sent in on the flash drive for other promotional material and PR for the company and other marketing programs. The photographer still retains the copy right to all their photographs.

      8. Submit your entry to :

        ‘Chang Fine Art Photo Contest 2013’

        PO Box 80 Samsean Rd., Phayathai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

        9. Sending files via website here

          Contact person:

          Ms. Soraya Kongraksa : tel no. +66911157585

          Email :

          Contest Organizator: 
          The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand
          Contest Country: 
          Contest Prize: 
          Contest Theme: