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3rd Salon of Photography Cakovec 2013

Salon is open to professional and amateur photographers from around the world.

Entrants must be authors of the work they submit.

Members of FOTOGRAFIJA association, members of the jury and members of the organizing committee are not allowed to participate.


Photographs in a digital format can be submitted on four sections:

A) SERIES – OPEN (color/monochrome/mix)

One thematic series of photos from minimum 3 to maximum 6 works.

B) OPEN – single photos  (color/monochrome)

C) BLACK AND WHITE SQUARE (monochrome – square cropped)

D) LIFE ON THE STREETS  (color/monochrome)

Same photo can be presented in only one section.

Photos submitted to previous Salons will not be taken into consideration.

Each participant may send a maximum of 4 photographs to sections B, C and D.

In section A each participant can participate with only one thematic series of photos containing minimum 3 and maximum 6 works.


Photographs, monochromatic or color, of any kind, of any style, all processes and manipulation in an exclusively digital format are accepted.

Submitted photos must meet the following requirements:

- photos must be in JPEG / sRGB format ONLY

- long edge of the photo must be 2000 – 3000 pixel long

- the resolution should be 200 to 250 dpi, and file size should not exceed 2 Mb

- works must be named (freely) . Untitled works will not be judged.

The organizer can use the exhibited works for reproduction in the catalogue and for promotion without paying any author’s fee.


Photos can be submitted:

a) ONLINE, following instructions on

b) by MAIL, on CD or DVD . A printed entry form must be sent with the media.

Consider posting early so it reaches us before the closing date of the Salon.

c) via e-mail:


Authors must fill out an online entry form or send a printed entry form to the organizer’s address together with a CD/DVD.


- for 1 – 2 themes: 20,00 € / 30,00 $

- for 3 – 4 themes: 25,00 € / 35,00 $

Payment options:

- Bank transfer

- PayPal transfer (additional Paypal fee of 1,00 € / 1,00 $ is charged)

- Cash sent to organizer’s address (Checks and IRC are not accepted)

Payment instructions will be automatically generated after upload when registering online, or sent by e-mail, when registering by e-mail. The works of the authors who did not pay the entry fee will not be taken into consideration.


All participants will receive report card notifications via e-mail. .

The results of the exhibition will also be published on the website:


A printed catalog will be sent by post to each entrant.


The organizer will take all possible care when handling the incoming and outgoing mail.

However, we do not accept any responsibility for damage or loss during transit.


1. Darije PETKOVIĆ ,  assistant professor on Filming section of Academy of Drama Arts  - Zagreb – CROATIA

2. Jelena VELJKOVIĆ, art historian, curator – SERBIA

3. Nina JEZA, art historian, curator – SLOVENIA

4. Max JUHASZ, profesional photographer – photoreporter – CROATIA

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Contest Prize: 
Contest Theme: